New Manager Readiness Program


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Program Overview

The New Manager’s Readiness Program is designed to develop and strengthen the 6 key targets every manager must master to lead effectively. The guided program is intended to be completed in 4 weeks. The program is composed of 3 steps, and within each step, participants will focus on and hit specific readiness targets.

The bottom line is this . . . every year 2 million professionals are promoted to manager, but are rarely trained to be successful. Good management doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by CHOICE. The choice to invest in your people or in yourself. Most managers don’t inherently know how to handle personnel issues or how to motivate employees. They also need to be trained on employment laws and other management topics. If the success of your organization is important, then the bottom line is, you must invest in and train your managers.

Why is the New Manager Readiness important? Because your people are important, or you as a manager – your success is important and there are immediate benefits of participating in this program. You or your manager(s) will have the skills to engage and motivate staff, the organizational culture of personal and professional development will be underscored, and managers will learn the competencies they need to be successful, which will, in turn, increase your productivity and profitability.

In the Ready. Set. Go! Three Step New Managers Readiness Program, participants will learn to transform the challenging task of management into a satisfying journey of enrichment. Our readiness program will move managers forward quickly, so they can inspire and engage others, and motivate their teams to achieve great things. This program combines video lectures, individual exercises, and case studies to give managers the tools that will immediately enhance their ability to lead effectively.

So what happens if you do NOTHING? You’re leaving it to chance, a chance you may not want to take.

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Step 1

Step 1: READY

step 2

Week 1 Course Topics

Day 1

  •  Authentic Leadership: Character Matters
  • Authentic Leadership: Understanding your story

Day 2

  •  Authentic Leadership: Leadership Styles & their impact

Day 3

  • Effective Team Supervision, Your Keys to Success
  • Common and proven supervisory skills
  • Managing workflow

Day 4

  • Understanding the most common HR laws (FMLA, ADA, etc.)

Day 5

  • When to involve HR professionals, identify the warning signs

Step 2

Step 2: SET

step 1

Week 2 Course Topics

Day 1

  • Transitioning into management
  • Understand the expectations of management

Day 2

  • Start creating your 90 day success plan• Lead effectively: Focusing on the people side of business

Day 3

  • Finish creating your 90 day success plan• Lead effectively: Focusing on the people side of business

Day 4

  • Effective Delegation Skills
  • Managing Effectively with task decomposition

Day 5

  • Goal Setting 1
  • Goal Setting 2

Week 3 Course Topics

Day 1

  • Creative Problem Solving 1
  • Creative Problem Solving 2
  • Creative Problem Solving 3

Day 2

  • Decision-Making – What’s stopping you
  • Decision-Making tools and strategies

Day 3

  • Assessing Conflict

Day 4

  • Guide the team or company through the crisis situation

Day 5

  •  Resolving workplace conflict through collaboration

Step 3

Step 3: GO

step 3

Week 4 Course Topics

Day 1

  • Developing Performance Goals
  • Growth Mindset: Coaching and Motivating Staff to Enhance their Performance

Day 2

  • Engage individuals, groups and teams

Day 3

  • Assessing staff’s skills using the 9 box matrix and organizational competencies
  • Conscious Competence: Enhancing you and your staff’s skills

Day 4

  •  Giving and Receiving Feedback to Impact Behavioral Changes
  •  Providing Effective Feedback Using the STAR Model

Day 5

  • Preparing to Hold Difficult Conversations
  • Conducting Difficult Conversations (with discussion planner)


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