Learning to Lead: New Manager’s Bootcamp Certificate Program

Program Overview

The bottom line is this . . . every year 2 million professionals are promoted to manager, but are rarely trained to be successful. Good management doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by CHOICE. The choice to invest in your people or in yourself. Most managers don’t inherently know how to handle personnel issues or how to motivate employees. They also need to be trained on employment laws and other management topics. If the success of your organization is important, then the bottom line is, you must invest in and train your managers.

Why is the New Manager Bootcamp important? Because your people are important, or you as a manager – your success is important and there are immediate benefits of participating in this bootcamp. You or your manager(s) will have the skills to engage and motivate staff, the organizational culture of personal and professional development will be underscored, and managers will learn the competencies they need to be successful, which will in turn increase your productivity and profitability.

In the Learning to Lead New Manager’s Bootcamp, participants will learn to transform the challenging task of management into a satisfying journey of enrichment. Our New Manager Boot Camp will move managers forward quickly, so they can inspire and engage others, and motivate their teams to achieve great things. This program combines video lectures, individual exercises and case studies to give managers the tools that will immediately enhance their ability to lead effectively.

So what happens if you do NOTHING? You’re leaving it to chance, a chance you may not want to take.


  • January 23 – March 3, 2017
  • February 20 – March 31, 2017
  • March 20 – April 28, 2017

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Program Curriculum and Framework


  • Week 1 will focus on self-development as a new manager. Objectives for this week are:
    • Navigate the transition of being a peer, or individual contributor, to a leader, which creates a mental mind shift
    • Understand your leadership style and the challenges and benefits of it
    • Understand how effectively manage your time
    • Create a 90 day manager success roadmap
  • Week 2 focuses on the impact you have on your team and will challenge you to explore how you set the direction for others to follow and the immediate impact it has on achieving desired outcomes. Participants will also be introduced to tools that will help achieve their business and personal goals. Objectives for this week are:
    • Understand team development and how it impacts team dynamics and success
    • Identify the behavioral, communication and thinking styles of others and how you can adjust your style to empower and engage your staff
    • Learn to communicate in a way that positively impacts and motivates others to action
    • Learn to set individual, team and organizational goals
    • Explore effective problem solving tools and techniques


  • Week 3 leads participants through self-exploration about their brand as a new leader and teaches skills and provides tools to enhance their brand. Participants will focus on skills they need to engage the entire workforce, including those they report to. Objectives for this week are:
    • Understand and enhance your personal brand
    • Learn to exercise your personal influence
    • Learn to motivate your team to action in a way that is authentic and inspires trust
    • Learn the strategies and tools of negotiation
  • Week 4 focuses on developing positive relationships with staff and identifying the right tools to have difficult conversations, identify strengths and help strengthen developmental areas. This week’s objectives are:
    • Learn the build rapport at all levels throughout the organization
    • Learn to tools to give feedback and how to receive feedback gracefully and with intent to act
    • Learn to have difficult conversations that lead to inspiring action
    • Learn to communicate in a way that empowers others
    • Understand the generational differences and how it should impact your leadership style


  • Week 5 participants will be introduced to the tenants of emotional intelligence and how this type off intelligence is an indicator of success and impacts the effectiveness of an organization and its people. Participants will learn to engage staff through difficult times and keep the team focused on team goals and success. Objectives for this week are:
    • Understand social and emotional intelligence and its impact on individual and teams
    • Learn successful strategies for conflict resolution
    • Explore strategies to navigate through office politics successfully
    • Understand the emotional impact of change and how to lead others through changing environments
    • Learn what it really means to manage up and how to do it successfully
  • Week 6 leads participants on a journey to discover their power and purpose. During week 6 participants will gather the organizational development tools they need to be a success. Managers will also better understand the leadership styles they need to exude and when. Objectives for this week are:
    • Learn to be present and gain insight to self
    • Learn to be decisive and decision making tools
    • Learn to drive INTENTIONAL transformation
    • Align your leadership style with your goals and purpose
    • Conduct a check in with your first 45 days of the 90 day roadmap
  • Additional topics new managers are encouraged to explore during this bootcamp are:
    • Effective public speaking skills
    • The art of self-promotion
    • Performance Management
    • Effective Onboarding


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