Leading with Inspiration: Authentic Leadership in Action

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Middle and seasoned leaders who want to learn how to create or change the culture within their organization and promote accountability and trust, support the achievement of staff’s personal growth, learn to be authentic and build trust, and develop a generation of future leaders are invited to join our Leading with Inspiration: Authentic Leadership in Action. In this course series participants will learn how to communicate in a compelling way that inspires others to action and enhanced performance. Participants will learn how to give and receive effective feedback in a way that makes behavioral changes stick, how to create an environment of trust and accountability, how to create and sustain team engagement, how to manage conflict, empower others and much more.  Participants benefits:

  • Identify your leadership style and where it comes from
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop an action plan to leverage your strengths to minimize your weaknesses.
  • Learn tools to understand the dynamics of team development and how YOU can motivate, activate and energize teams.
  • Learn methodologies to create a high performance culture
  • Understand your interpersonal impact and how to adjust your behavioral, communication and thinking style to motivate others
  • Develop a solid framework to motivate and inspire others to enhanced performance.

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