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Leadership Chronicles

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Snapshot Training Academy is quickly becoming a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek to arm themselves with the best tools, tips, tricks and strategies to navigate their career through new heights of success. We believe passionately in researching the latest interpersonal skill enhancing, management and leadership tools and sharing that information with the Snappie Nation!

Join us weekly as we navigate through the journey to ACHIEVING GREATNESS!  We’re going to focus our energy and time to be a little selfish and hone our management and leadership skills.  Combining our enhanced skills with the power of our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, you can only be propelled to achieve the career that you know you deserve. In our weekly Monday Motivational Message along with our Snapshot Training Academy courses, we’re building a clearinghouse of knowledge from research institutions, industry experts and the world’s most inspired thinkers.

If you want to join the Snappie Nation, who is an online community of curious people ready to engage with ideas and each other, join us weekly to start your journey toward self discovery and self actualization.  Your career trajectory should only improve.  It’s 10 minutes that’s worth investing in you!

Our goal is simple: In a SNAP we provide you with a SHOT at achieving your greatness.  We help you narrow your energy to what matters the most in your career development.  We spark in you a desire to continually learn and grow.  That’s what ACHIEVING GREATNESS is all about.

Snapshot Training Academy is a division of Premier Organizational Designs, LLC.  Our agenda is to make knowledge and great ideas accessible and make great people even greater.

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Three Ways To Help Others Succed

Group of graphic designers cheering together in office

Focusing On Achieving Greatness

Happy woman with hands up on the peak of the mountain enjoying the success, freedom and bright future.

Authentic Leadership: It's More Than What You Think

Portrait of a business guy writing in his organizer

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Eeny, Meenie, Miney, Mo

Young businessman sitting at table and working on laptop while leaning his head on fist. Side view in front of big window with blurry city view outside.

6 Phrases Staff Want to Hear


Living Your Truth Unapologetically

cool chinese woman smiling

5 Ways To Make A Good First Impression

Group of business partners looking at their colleague while interacting at meeting

Share Your Accomplishments Without Bragging

Image of handsome businessman in suit communicating with his colleague at meeting

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone


Four Principles that Helped Muhammad Ali Become the Greatest


Displaying An Attitude of Gratitude

Hand writing in paper note on cork board background

Walk in Your Authentic Path : Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

Two executives or businessmen disagreeing over a deal or contract by using hand signals (image isolated against a white background)

Walk in Your Authentic Path: Be Truthful About Your Flaws

relaxed man on table

The Power in Positive Thinking

cool young woman heart shape

Invest in Yourself: 101

happy black woman with piggy bank

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