LEAD with Inspiration, Authentic Leadership in ACTION Certificate Program

Program Overview

Throughout the years we’ve taught thousands of leaders from Fortune 100 to small emerging businesses to uncover the unique leader within. The courses in this certificate series will challenge you to eliminate hidden spots that may stifle your growth as a leader. We’ll challenge you to RETHINK how you’ve viewed leadership in the past, to REIMAGINE your future as a leader when you incorporate new tools and strategies and to REDISCOVER the joys of leading from a place of authenticity and trust. We’ll ask you to fully engage and do the hard work. Evolution into a new leader takes time, it takes effort and it takes a new and humble mindset. But if you want to be the best leader you can be, your journey starts here, and it starts now!


  • January 16 – February 24, 2017 (limited seats – sign up now)
  • February 13 – March 24, 2017
  • March 13 – April 21, 2017

Program Curriculum and Framework


  • Week 1 will focus on understanding new concepts of authentic leadership and building trust. Participants will gain insight into their unique leadership style and examine their strengths and those characteristics that may be viewed as liabilities and how to leverage their strengths to minimize liabilities. Objectives for this week are:
    • Rethink what authentic leadership means and understand how your character defines leadership
    • Understanding your Leadership Style and the impact it has on others
    • Explore your life’s story and conduct a situational impact analysis to determine what has most impacted your views of leadership
    • Conduct a leadership balance score exercise to uncover your unique assets and liabilities (which goes beyond typical interpersonal skills) and how they can impact the brand of leadership you are building
    • Understand how your leadership actions align with your personal value system
  • Week 2 focuses on the impact you have on others and your ability to influence and motivate those around you, directly and indirectly. Participants will rethink how they influence others to impact outcomes and learn intervention tools that will help achieve business and personal goals. Objectives for this week are:
    • Understanding the behavioral, communication and thinking styles of others
    • Identifying the values of each style and how to engage each effectively
    • Identify pitfalls of ineffective communication and their impact on individual and team performance
    • Identify how to adjust your behavioral, communication and thinking style to empower others
    • Will look at influential leaders and their unconventional approach to leadership and identify innovative strategies to use within your organization



  • Week 3 provides tools to strategically lead an organization to achieve business results. Participants learn to suspend personal views to focus on team and organizational power and impact. Objectives for this week are:
    • Identify and explore the 7 essential skills of strategic leadership
    • Learn how to challenge the status quo in an inspiring and non-intimidating way
    • Determine if you and others have the leader’s mindset to propel the organization to optimal performance
    • Learn the building blocks of persuasiveness and how to use the persuasion formula
    • Learn the fundamentals of design thinking with analytical decision making and how to solve complex organizational problems
  • Week 4 bring awareness to solidifying and building key relationships, starting with self. Maintaining positive and productive business relationships, even through difficult times is at the core of effective leadership. This week’s objectives are:
    • Identify how to harness your Personal Productivity Zone™
    • Learn how to put building strategic relationships at the heart of your business and build partnerships that are win-win
    • Learn to renew and re-energize business relationships from the past and to overcome feelings of distrust
    • Learn why it’s important to give without getting in return
    • Understand mindfulness and awareness in inspiring others through words and actions



  • Week 5 leaders will learn the concept of emotional intelligence and how it affects the effectiveness of an organization’s people. We will explore how it enhances our ability to CONNECT with and motivate people whom we lead. Objectives for this week are:
    • Understand the concepts and application of emotional intelligence and how it impacts the success of individuals and the organization.
    • Identify competencies that are indicators of individual and team success
    • Learn tools that minimize the “hijack” of the brain and the cognitive, behavioral and physiological impact our emotions have on us as leaders
    • Learn successful strategies for conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Week 6 leaders will rediscover a new YOU. Leaders will explore, without fear, goals they want to achieve and identify the leader they choose to become. Leaders will develop a leadership legacy toolkit and develop a roadmap to create their legacy. Objectives for this week are:
    • Learn to eliminate fears and move from awareness to action
    • Understand sustainable leadership and determine how effective you are in creating a sustainable environment
    • Create a roadmap for your Leadership Legacy
    • Learn to appreciate the NEW Leader in You
    • Celebrate self!


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