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Snapshot Training Academy's Competency Framework

As organizations begin to grow and flourish, they realize that the key to their organizational success is identifying the characteristics needed for their PEOPLE to be successful. These characteristics are competencies. Competencies aren’t job duties, they are the unique characteristics of people who are performing their job well. The Snapshot Training Academy Framework consists of 7 overarching actions that directly impact individual leaders and the organization’s success. The Framework outlines 24 core competencies (job related behaviors, skills, knowledge and values) and the expected proficiency for each job level. Each core competency is supported by a list of more detailed competencies that further defines the success factors of each competency, which may be applicable across other areas as there are connections and interdependencies among all of the competencies.

Why Should An Organization Develop A Competency Framework?

Many companies focus on job descriptions to define how an individual can achieve success. However, job descriptions identify specific tasks. Research has shown that the success of an individual lies not only in their functional and technical knowledge, but in their interpersonal skills and abilities. Snapshot Training Academy has developed a framework that pinpoints those unique characteristics of people that lead to success and have implemented online training courses to enhance these skills, which leads to their success.

The Snapshot Training Academy Competency Framework consists of 10 core competencies. The graphic below reflects the structure of the Framework and the primary success factors that each competency impacts.


  • Planning & Organizing
  • Managing Projects
  • Goal Setting


  • Displaying Interpersonal Effectiveness & Impact
  • Communicating Effectively


  • Ethics & Integrity
  • Adaptability & Accountability
  • Initiative & Motivation
  • Resource Management
  • Utilizes Emotional Intelligence


  • Driving Organizational Results
  • Strategizing & Visioning
  • Technical & Functional Expertise
  • Focuses On Service Excellence


  • Inspiring Trust
  • Managing Relationships
  • Building & Sustaining Teams


  • Embracing & Leading Change
  • Managing & Inspiring Staff
  • Managing Conflict
  • Support Diversity & Inclusion


  • Critical Thinking & Analysis
  • Decision Making
  • Creativity & Innovation

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