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We're developing a NEW GENERATION OF LEADERS. 2 million people become new managers every year. Are you 1 of 2 million? Get the skills to stand out and be successful. Don't let your success happen by chance, develop a manager's toolkit that will guide you to success.

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Learning to Lead: New Manager’s Bootcamp helps first-time managers transition from being an individual contributor to effectively managing others. Approximately 2 million people become new leaders every year. The unfortunate news is that of those new managers, more than 50% get lower performance ratings. Why? Because in many organizations, the transition from individual contributor to leader is not supported with the right tools, methodologies, training. That’s where we’re able to help. This program equips managers with critical leadership, interpersonal, and people skills needed to be successful.

Acquire confidence to build trust among people you don’t know

Learn to communicate in a way that inspires trust

Participants understand how staff may view them as a new leader and identify pitfalls to avoid

Have a smoother transition into leadership

Develop a plan of action to sustain your leadership growth

Learn to negotiate with other leaders

Understand and enhance your personal brand

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Downloadable worksheets $100 value

Detailed New Manager roadmap and ACTION PLAN GUIDE $325 value

Complete library of New Manager templates and resources $150 value

Management articles

Discussion boards

FREE COPY of the “New Manager Toolkit for Success” audiobook $25 value

Plus More

Leadership essentials (visioning, influence and negotiation)

Change management

Problem solving and decision making

Communications and interpersonal skills

Emotional intelligence

Personal branding

Human resource basics and performance management

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When you invest in yourself by investing in your career, you’ll get and stay ahead of the job market. Whether through promotion or a job with a new employer, when you learn new skills and highlight them in your everyday work environment, your skills cannot be ignored. Snapshot Training Academy’s New Manager's Bootcamp is here to help you move through your career with purpose. The Bootcamp strengthens your leadership skills and equips you with the skills and knowledge to get on and stay on top of your game.

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